John with CameraI was raised in the Midwest, actually South Dakota, and ended up coming east for college (and the rest of my life). Educated as a physicist, I became a research scientist at Kodak exploring silver halide crystals and their use in photographic emulsions. The most exciting part of the years at Kodak was the development of T-grains, the key element of T-MAX films.  It’s strange that my world, centered on chemical and physical technology at the world’s leading film manufacturer, would essentially vanish, replaced with a technology of bits and bytes. What a transformation!

It was also at Kodak that my own photography became an important part of my life. For years, it was private — shared only with family. Then, ten years ago, with encouragement by the Image City Photography Gallery, I participated in my first show.  I’m now a partner at Image City, and have had opportunities to exhibit at many of the local galleries.  The themes in my photography have been wide-ranging but mostly Nature’s world in landscapes and architecture.  I love the patterns and geometry in both nature and man-made structures, and I’m a sucker for anything beautiful.

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