The NEW menu item displays the most recent (and hopefully up to date) blog entry. BLOG take you to the photo-blog, organized by category (from the drop-down menu). Selecting from the submenus of BLOG provides a listing of the blog entries corresponding to that category. Here is a brief description of the categories:

Exhibits: Images being shown in exhibitions in which I am one of the featured exhibitors. It will also include images displayed in the regular series of exhibitions at the Image City Photography Gallery.

Cityscapes and Architecture: Images of buildings, houses (both interior and exterior) as well as other man-made structures like bridges and monuments. This includes detail images associated with these structures.

Landscapes: Images from nature from parks to farmlands, mountains, rivers, and bodies of water (except for images of Lake Ontario). It also includes images of individual plants, flowers, and details of natural settings.

Lake Ontario: My wife and I lived for 10 years on this Great Lake, and so there is a special category for images of Lake Ontario. The category may also include images of others of the Great Lakes or other very large bodies of water.

People: Images of people from street photography, environmental portraits of individuals in the context of their work. These are images in which the people are the subject regardless of environmental context.

Commercial Work: I’m fortunate to be working with an architectural firm, Pardi Partnership Architects P.C., and with their permission, I will post some images of their architectural work. Also included will be CD covers and publicity-card design images.

Family: Images from my wife’s and my own families, across three generations celebrating events or simply enjoying getting together.

Odds & Ends: Images that defy any particular category. Oh, well.