Moods of Ontario

OntarioShowcardMAJOR EXHIBIT at The Geisel Gallery :

Louise and I lived on Lake Ontario for eleven years, and the lake was a constant source of beauty and magic.  It’s no surprise that the view of the lake and sky from our home became become a favorite photographic subject and in 2015, the theme of an exhibition at Image City Photography Gallery. 

I was invited to exhibit that same collection in the beautiful Geisel Gallery at Legacy Towers and am delighted to have the opportunity to show these images again, with some additions, in a new venue .  

My wife and I have recently moved from our lakeside home, and I must admit that I still miss the immediate presence of this wonderful, ever-changing Lake Ontario.

About the exhibit…

In every view of the lake, the basic visible elements are present — water, sky, clouds and light. All of them obey the invisible rules and forces of nature. With only these few element there is a constantly changing scene, revealing beauty that is sometimes subtle and sometimes very bold. The great constant is the horizon, stretching from east to west, with the sky above and the water below in constant interplay.  I don’t think I will ever tire of that straight line.

This collection of images is about that beauty and magic of the “world of the lake” and the many forms it takes. All of the images of this “world” were taken over the past 10 years from the same spot. They are a sampling of the many moods of Ontario. Sometimes there is tranquility and a calm that turns this vast body of water into a mirror, and the sky is doubled. Great, dark clouds roll across the water, bringing drama, foreboding and storms. Morning’s subtle colors give way to bright blues and then turn to sunset’s bold reds and purples and yellows. As the seasons change the sun’s path across the sky changes and brings different kinds of light and new pallets of color. Winter brings ice and snow and clouds seem to dance on the cold waters of the lake.

Recently, an art teacher friend described a “masterpiece” as something that evoked a sense of wonder every time you saw it. The lake is such a masterpiece — a dynamic ever-changing masterpiece.

Below are  the images that are exhibited.