History's GiftsThe fact that someone buys a photograph of mine is a real honor. The fact that someone is even thinking about such a purchase is an affirmation that it is possible to make an emotional connection to another person through an image, a photograph. That too is appreciated!

To me, the presentation of a framed image can either enhance its value or undermine it. I’ve experimented with all kinds of presentations, and I’ve chosen a method known as “the floating image.” That is, the photographic image is set inside the opening of a mat, leaving 1/2″ of blank space around the image itself.  The example, here, is “History’s Gifts.”   

The price structure for images depends on the size and shape of the image, the size of the mat and frame, the use of glass or plexiglass.   Below are prices for the most common image sizes.

Frame Size Print Size Framed Price Print Only
16" X 21" 10" X 15" $165 $90
18" X 24" 11" X 16.5" $195 $110
29" X 39" 20" X 30" $400 $190

All mats are bright white ragboard, 2 ply back and 4 ply window.
Frames are Nielson aluminum display frames in Black, Contrast gray, silver, etc.

Other sizes are available to suit your needs. Feel free to contact me at johncsolberg@gmail.com.